If the Canarian gastronomy can be proud of something, it´s of its extensive and varied recipes.

Next, we offer the visitor a series of gastronomic resources in the form of compilations, which will undoubtedly be helpful when introducing full on the identity and culinary culture of the Canary Islands.

Operación Quesos de Canarias


It consists of a recipe book edited by GMR Canarias through which the little ones can know the characteristics and properties of food, in addition to learning, from the beginning, to distinguish our exclusive product through workshops in schools.


Recetario operación quesos de Canarias
Recetario operación quesos de Canarias

Canarian cheeses


Canarian cheeses, historically linked to livestock activity, have been part of the culture and tradition of the islands being for centuries one of the mainstay of the rural economy of the Canary Islands.In recent years, traditional methods of processing have evolved to adapt to new demands in terms of food safety, combining modernity and tradition, reaching to this day features as characteristic of the cheese tradition of the islands as the topping or paprika and the smoked. The latter uses vegetable by-products originating from the Canarian mountains, such as rockrose, fig tree trunk, almond shells, pine needles …This treatment and the mentioned coverages, as well as the possibility of working with raw milk, give the cheese unique and differentiating characteristics. The peculiarities and high quality of our cheeses are appreciated inside and outside our borders. This excellence is due, in good measure, to the raw material with which they are made: milk from goats and sheep of autochthonous breeds, such as the majorera, palm and tinerfeña goats or the Canarian sheep, fed with fodder and natural pastures, that gives them a particular flavor.



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