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One of the best cheeses in Gran Canaria is the Flor de Guia Cheese, a Protected Designation of Origin or PDO. The municipality of Guía has extensive land with pastures dedicated to agricultural economic activity, including the production of local cheese.

Although this area is somewhat small compared to other municipalities, given its location, it has a wide variety of microclimates. The land produces a wide variety of vegetation with some endemic species, which contributes to the quality of the cattle feed.

Flor de Guia cheese is produced thanks to the rich nutrients given to the livestock, which provides a great variety of natural aromas thanks to the fact that the farmers used a special system of exploitation for the grazing of the livestock.

In the past, farmers had mixed herds of both Canarian sheep and local goats and cows. This is the main reason for the characteristic flavour of Canary Island cheese, where the mixture of different animal milks gives it a special flavour.

There are three varieties of Guia Cheese depending on the rennet used. All these cheeses have the certificate of Protected Designation of Origin or PDO, and they aren’t the only Canary Islands Cheeses with this distinction:

What’s the Difference between Flor de Guia Cheese, Media Flor de Guia Cheese and Guia Cheese?

A lthough these three cheeses have almost identical names, they are three different types of cheese due to their elaboration and, consequently, their taste.

Flor de Guia Cheese and Media Flor de Guia Cheese use rennet of vegetable origin obtained from the flower that comes from the Canarian thistle. On the other hand, the rennet of Guia Cheese is of animal origin. The difference is in the rennet.

Flor de Guia Cheese is made up of 60% raw milk from Canary Island sheep and 40% cow milk, although sometimes 10% of Canary Island goat milk is added.

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