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Traditional Cheeses Made with Goat and Sheep Milk

O ne of the most typical food in the Canary Islands is made in La Gomera. La Gomera Cheeses are made from fresh goat milk or a mixture of goat and sheep milk, and offer a variety of fresh, semi-cured and cured cheeses.

The characteristics and taste vary according to the ripening, from the mild taste of the fresh cheeses to the stronger taste of the cured variety. In addition to being eaten as they are, cheese is also used in the production of other gastronomic delicacies such as almogrote gomero.

Semi-Cured La Gomera Cheese

In one of the highest areas of the capital of La Gomera, San Sebastián, Manuel Padrón, an artisan cheesemaker, has been dedicated to the production of quality La Gomera cheese since the end of the last century.

At his farm in La Cabezada, he raises his own goats and uses his milk to make some of the best semi-cured cheeses in the world, considered the third best in their category at the “International World Cheese Awards”. This dairy is open to the public for visits, but must be booked in advance.

This is not the only prize that a Canary Island Cheese has, as Fuerteventura won the best goat cheese in the world award.

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