Canarian Recipes


I n addition to the fabulous mosaic of culinary genres – incredible cheeses, Atlantic fish, variety of meats, palm syrup -, the cooking treatment in traditional or evolved forms has seeped into what today are, in some way, ambassadors of some of the best and tastiest island-inspired recipes.

The actors of the new culinary order in the Canary Islands ask to take a step forward: not the simple recognition of passing “pretentiousness” that can be based exclusively on a couple of almost legendary products and the recall of overcrowded tourist visits.

It is not only wrinkled potatoes and mojos. Maybe some fresh grey mullets from Fuerteventura, an almogrote from La Gomera, those flower cheeses from Gran Canaria that compete with the best in the world in the Cheese Awards

Below we present a wide selection of recipes divided into three categories, which, combining the exquisiteness of our Canarian products, offer a small glimpse of what our cuisine offers to those who venture to live a Volcanic Xperience.

T hrough gastronomy you can always get to know a place. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Canarian archipelago has a cuisine full of contrasts, with well seasoned dishes and fresh and healthy ingredients, the result of a temperate climate and a volcanic soil that gives them a special flavor. In addition, many of its handmade products are under Protected Designation of Origin, such as some of its cheeses and wines.

Discovering the Canary Islands, apart from being a real pleasure for the eyes, is also a pleasure for the palate.

Recetas canarias

Cheese Recipes

The Canarian cheeses, historically linked to the cattle activity, have been part of the culture and tradition of the islands, being for centuries one of the pillars of the rural economy of the Canary Islands.

The peculiarities and high quality of our cheeses are appreciated inside and outside our borders. A good part of the island cheeses are Protected Designations of Origin (P.D.O.). Under this term are grouped those agricultural or food products from a determined region, which determines their quality and specificities.

Recipe Book

Recetas: Papas y Mojos

Traditional Flavours

The mojos are, without doubt, the most outstanding culinary dish of the Canarian gastronomy. It is an icon for the Canary people. An authentic main axis of our kitchen, present in an infinity of dishes and elaborations.  Its importance could be compared to that of mole sauce in Mexican cuisine or soy in Asian cuisine.

Our fragmented territory, an uneven terrain and an unparalleled climate diversity, in such a small territory, generate exclusive products from each area. This is what makes our recipe book of mojos so rich and varied.

Recipe Book

Recetas: carnes y pescados

Chef’s Suggestions

Due to the great wealth of the Canarian waters, there are many varieties of native fish. Among the preferred species to carry out surprising combinations are: vieja, wreckfish, sea bass, salema porgy, sama or red porgy. These varieties can be served in multiple ways: baked, salted, open, marinated, fried, and so on.

In the Canary Islands we can find very good meat, among other delicacies. You can find in our cuisine lots of specialities like kid, native black pig, rabbit, lamb, cow, chicken or even hen. Come to the paradise and start enjoying these typical dishes.

Recipe Book

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