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 Thanks to the cold current rich in nutrients that flows through the Canary Islands, our geographical location and the volcanic origin of our islands, the Canary Islands Fishes are exceptional and practically free of toxins and heavy metals.

Try the varieties of Canary Islands Fishes: the “vieja” (Mediterranean Parrotfish) with soft white meat, the delicious “cherne” (Atlantic Wreckfish) with darker meat and with different nuances of flavour, crispy fried Moray Eel, Sargo, Mullus, Corvina, Salema, Red-Banded Sea Bream, Tuna or Saurel.

A beer by the sea accompanied by a plate of shrimp, limpets, winkles or stewed octopus is an unforgettable experience.

Our fishermen continue to fish by hand with nets and hooks, selecting each piece and returning to the sea what is not good for them. They know their ecosystems very well. The environmental impact is minimal.

Canarian Fishes

C anarian Fishes stand out for the habitat in which they live. Being the Canary Islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and, above all, in the middle of one of the most important ocean currents of the planet makes all kinds of fish spend their lives around the islands.

The Canary Islands are volcanic and therefore their surface extends underwater to the seabed. In these depths the rocks are the perfect place for all kinds of marine life and the formation of ecosystems. This rich environment of life and nutrients contributes to the exquisite quality of Canarian Fishes.

Pescados cocinados
Pescados en salsa

Canarian Fishes to Eat

T here are many ways to cook Canarian Fishes according to the type of fish and the taste of each person. In the Canarian restaurants they are expert cooks of Canarian Fishes since they have many years of experience.

The secret of our gastronomy is the quality of our products made in a simple way.

Fresh fish stewed, griddled or salt-baked are typical elaborations of each island. In the past, fish was salted or dried in the air to make “jareas” in order to improve preservation.

These Canarian Fish recipes have survived to the present day. In our houses and restaurants they are present on a regular basis.

Some recipes?

List of Typical Canarian Fishes

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