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C anary Islands Flora is very varied as it has an exceptional climate and soil. In fact, it is one of the most outstanding climates in Europe due to its geographical location in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This situation is transferred to all the Canary Islands Flora, making their native species unique.

Some of the species that inhabited the European continent and Africa in the Tertiary Era survive on the islands thanks to our oceanic situation and altitude, factors that mitigate the extreme temperatures that caused the extinction of their continental relatives.

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Canarian Flora

N owadays there is a high variety of Canarian Flora that grows in the Canary Islands. Depending on each island and its conditions you can find different types of Canary Islands plants.

Among all the types of Canarian Flora, the origin of each of the species is noteworthy. Depending on their origin they can be divided into native species, introduced species and endemic varieties.

The variety of Aloe native to the Canary Islands has been classified by experts as the most curative in the world according to the German laboratory Spectral Service Laboratorium fur Auftragsanalytik of Cologne for containing 15.9% of Aloverasa (2884 ppm).

It is highly appreciated for health and beauty reasons due to its high healing, regenerative and soothing effects.

In recent years, “moringa” has also been cultivated in our lands. This “superfood” is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is considered a source of nutrients.

Flora y fauna
Flora y fauna canaria

Land of Flowers

In our markets you will find exotic tropical species adapted to the Canarian environment such as proteas, strelitzias or elegant anthuriums.

Our farmers also grow other varieties of flowers and plants: roses, palm trees, chrysanthemums, etc.

The Canary Islands is a land of flowers.

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