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Flora of La Palma

The flora of La Palma is a natural relic because “the beautiful island” is probably the island of the archipelago with the most biodiversity. It has numerous ecosystems that vary from the arid coast to the lush forests of laurisilva and the pine forests of the peaks.

The flora of La Palma, as it happens in the neighboring islands, benefits from the meteorological phenomenon known as horizontal rain. This is the case with species such as Canarian pine whose leaves condense moisture and drops fall on the base of the tree. La Palma has about 170 native Canarian native plants.

As it happens with other islands, the vegetation varies depending on the natural stratum in which it is found, differentiated by the altitude with respect to the level of the sea. The lower areas are drier and the higher you go the more abundant the rainfall. The north of the island is more humid than the south.

In the lowest strata, between sea level and 500 meters depending on the orientation, we find xerophiles, cardones and tabaibas mainly. Further up to almost 1000 meters there is the thermophilic forest as well as the fayal-brezal, depending on the slope of the island in which we are. From there up we find pine forests and high mountain vegetation.

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