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 This type of Canarian Mojo is one of the typical sauces of La Gomera that has spread to all the islands and is usually eaten spread with bread and potatoes.

Almogrote Gomero is made from cured goat cheese from La Gomera, sometimes mixed with Mojo Picón, although as with Mojos each person has their own way of preparing this Cheese Mojo sauce.

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What is Almogrote Gomero?

A lmogrote Gomero is a kind of Cheese Mojo mixed with tomatoes or Mojo Picón that is mainly used to accompany snacks. It has a very characteristic cheese flavor and sometimes it’s spicy because of its mixture with the Mojo.

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History of Canarian Almogrote

A lmogrote is part of the history of the island of La Gomera, as it has been produced there for many years. This sauce is prepared with typical La Gomera products such as cured cheese and Mojo. The origin of Almogrote Gomero comes from the Middle Ages when it was simply called Almogrote, which is basically a Mojo of cheese with oil.

With the passage of time and the arrival of new fruits and vegetables from America such as tomatoes, they were added to this sauce giving it that reddish color. Today, Canarian Almogrote sauce is still used and produced in many ways on the different islands with a touch of particular flavour.

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