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W rinkled Potatoes is one of the most famous and known Canarian dishes outside the islands. They are usually accompanied by Canarian sauces such as  green mojo, red mojo or mojo “picón” (spicy). There are several ways to make Wrinkled Potatoes but, in essence, it consists of boiling them with water and salt. You have the Wrinkled Potatoes recipe below.

Although it is possible to make wrinkled potatoes with different varieties of potatoes, it is recommended to make them with Canary Islands potatoes. If you want to know how to make Wrinkled Potatoes, it is almost mandatory to use Canary Islands potatoes, as they have specific characteristics because of their evolution, cultivation and climate.

The size of the potatoes should be small and you can also make Wrinkled Potatoes with Canarian varieties as “papas negras” or “papas bonitas”. 

Las Papas Canarias

Papas negras (Black Potatoes)

B lack Potatoes are one of the best potatoes in Spain. They are quite peculiar, as they are small, somewhat round and dark in colour. They were exported to the Canary Islands from Peru and have been grown for over 400 years in the archipelago, obtaining a Protected Designation of Origin or PDO.

This type of potato is also known as “papa negra de yema de huevo” (black egg yolk potato). It is a very descriptive name due to its black skin and its yellow color inside the potato. They are mainly grown on the island of Tenerife, especially in the south.

The best way to cook Black Potatoes is in the form of Wrinkled Potatoes. The size and feel of the skin are ideal for this form of preparation as well as enhancing its characteristic flavour. Just like the normal Wrinkled Potatoes, it does not hurt to accompany them with some of the typical Canary Islands mojos.

Canarian Wrinkled Potatoes Recipe


  1. Select the type and number of potatoes per person. The traditional types are the “papas negras” from Tenerife and the “papas bonitas” from Gran Canaria.
  2. Wash them with water. It is important not to remove the peel from the potatoes, they simply need to be washed.
  3. Place them in a large pot and cover them with water only up to the surface, as it is recommended not to make them in a lot of water.
  4. Add sea salt and if you want some lemon slices.
  5. Turn up the heat until the water boils and leave for about 20 to 40 minutes. It always depends on the number of potatoes and their size. It is recommended to prick them to check their texture and extinguish the fire when they have the desired consistency.
  6. Remove the water and leave for a few minutes on the fire with a cloth to absorb the remaining steam.
  7. They are served alone, to accompany another dish and it is always recommended the consumption of wrinkled potatoes with red or green mojo.
Las Papas Canarias

Home Tricks to Make Wrinkled Potatoes

Making the Wrinkled Potatoes is very simple. Boil the potatoes with water and salt and that’s it. Well, it turns out that, when consulting with some more experienced people, there are some important tricks to make the Canary Islands Wrinkled Potatoes that you should know about.


1 In order for them to come out well, it is recommended to add some lemon slices when cooking the Wrinkled Potatoes. The reason is not only to give them a little taste but also to change the colour a little. With lemon the colour of the potatoes is lightened and the skin becomes thinner and more sensitive, something that is very noticeable when eating them.


2This is probably the most important and fundamental home trick for making Wrinkled Potatoes. Some people put the cloth under the lid when boiling them and others say it is done afterwards.

The thing is that when you remove the water, you should put a dishcloth on it as if it were a lid to wrink the potatoes.


3The amount of salt for Wrinkled Potatoes is a dilemma. Some recipes say one thing and others say another. The magic formula, according to some experts, is to add a quarter of salt to the amount of potatoes. If it is 1 kilogram, then add 250 grams, although this sincerely depends on the personal taste of each person, the best thing is to experience it for yourself.

Canary Island Wrinkled Potatoes are a very typical dish to find anywhere in the Canary Islands and you can also make your own Wrinkled Potatoes at home. Remember that they are very tasty, especially if they are matched with mojo picón or mojo verde.

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