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L anzarote Wines are very famous among the Canarian wines due to their characteristic flavour. Lanzarote Wine has been a Protected Designation of Origin or PDO since 1993 and there are currently 14 wineries on the island that produce PDO wine.

Form and Characteristics of Lanzarote Wine Cultivation

The vineyards are usually cultivated between 200 and 500 metres above sea level. Although the island of Lanzarote is characterized by not having too many elevations in terms of high mountains, there are areas especially in the center of the island where you can grow wine at that altitude.

The climate of Lanzarote is quite peculiar and this helps the cultivation of wine. Due to its latitude, the island is generally warm but does not usually have extreme temperatures, as it is generally located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and the Trade Winds help to reduce the temperature. On the other hand, the island is low and does not rain in large quantities, which is why the way in which Lanzarote wines are grown is unique in Spain.

Between 1730 and 1736 there were eruptions that covered a third of the most fertile land on the island. As a result, farmers had to look for alternatives in order to continue growing their crops.

Use of Land

Due to the ashy cover, so that the plants can have access to a soil rich in nutrients, a hole is dug a few meters deep to plant the vine and its roots have direct contact with the fertile soil. This hole is usually shaped like a cone or funnel.

Then, the plants are coated with “picón” since it has a great benefit. The “picón”, or volcanic gravel, works as a thermoregulator. At night it collects moisture that falls from the air and transfers it to the ground. On the other hand, when it rains it prevents water from evaporating from the heat of the sun.

Finally, these pits are surrounded by a stone wall to protect the vine from the wind. All these processes have to be done completely manually as the machines do not have access to the crops.

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Best Lanzarote Wines

M ost Lanzarote Wines are white, made with the volcanic “malvasía” grape type. Due to the way the vineyards are cultivated, Lanzarote Wine has a touch of volcanic flavour. A large part of the wines are grown around La Geria, in the centre of the island.

The wine is mainly produced in seven municipalities: San Bartolomé, Haría, Yaiza, Tías, Tinajo, Teguise and Arrecife.

Particularly around the Natural Park of La Geria you can find many very interesting vineyards, since there is a greater volcanic layer and the holes for cultivation are bigger in this area.

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