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Volcanic Xperience

proposes a plan of measures to save the GAP between supply and demand by bringing the local product closer to the visitor. These measures are distributed around the following fundamental pillars or lines:

  • Inform about Canarian products to connect the Canarian brand with its products and its gastronomy and generate a proposal of tourist destination of greater value.
  • Promote Canarian products to invite the visitors and the characters with the ability to generate a trend to discover them.
  • Give training on the local products to provide knowledge to the prescriber, as a first step to value the product.
  • Support marketing to improve the possibilities of selling the local product in the tourism sector, very unknown and often far from the producers.
  • Promote R + D + I (Research, Development and Innovation): identify new business opportunities and make our current offer more attractive to improve business opportunities.
  • Improve the coordination between agents to optimize the efforts and the resources destined to reach ends and common interests of the parties.



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