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T o accompany the potatoes, there is nothing better than a good Canarian Mojo Sauce. We also enjoy it with meat, fish, vegetables or as an aperitif with a little bread. Mojo means “sauce” in Portuguese, so thank you Portugal for naming our delicious sauce!

What is Canarian Mojo?

A ccording to our grandparents, the Canary Islands Mojo came from the commercial traffic between America, Europe and Africa, thanks to our privileged location between these three continents. Many of the ships that docked on our shores brought the different spices that are incorporated into the mojo sauce. The famous “mojo picón” is made with spicy palm pepper.

Canarian Mojo is usually made by crushing some basic ingredients in a mortar: olive oil, vinegar, salt and garlic. To this paste is added, according to the Canary Island mojo to be prepared, palm pepper, green and red pepper, paprika, cumin, coriander, parsley, almonds, water, saffron, tomato, cheese, etc.

Nowadays our chefs make innovative combinations by introducing ingredients such as cinnamon or squid ink, giving rise to the most innovative mojos; what better way to check that than with some recipes!

Los mojos canarios

Types of Canarian Mojos

There are currently many types of Canarian Mojos. It depends on which ingredients are used and the flavor and color will vary according to these ingredients. It is also important to remember that as time goes by each person has a recipe for Canarian Mojo.

Among the most famous and best known are:

Después existen variaciones para producir estos 3 tipos de mojos aunque hay otros que son un poco menos conocidos como: Then there are variations of these types of mojos, although there are others that are a little less known as:

Regardless of which variety of Canarian Mojo you like, they are all interesting to try because of the variation in flavors. In specialized restaurants you will usually find the three Canarian Mojos mentioned above, the Spicy Mojo, the Green Mojo and the Red Mojo.

The famous Wrinkled Potatoes are usually accompanied by one of these Canary Island Mojos. Although this recipe was originally from the Canary Islands, due to migration and the islands’ close relationship with the Americas, you can also find Canarian Mojo in several countries across the pond.

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