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I magine tasting a potato with the same flavour as 500 years ago. This is possible with Canarian potatoes.

Here we continue to cultivate ancient varieties that come directly from those brought from South America after the Conquest.

If you go to the market, depending on the time of year, it is normal to find old varieties such as Azucenas, Bonitas, Negras, Pelucas, etc., protected by the P.D.O. “Papas Antiguas de Canarias” (Old Potatoes of the Canary Islands). All of them are consumed mainly “wrinkled” (arrugadas), which is a traditional way of boiling the potatoes which looks as if their skin is wrinkled


Las Papas Canarias


Las Papas: local product par excellence in the Canary Islands

C anary people include potatoes in the diet almost every day. The tastiest and most valued are the old varieties, which are grown in the midlands of the islands and in small gardens to eat at home, although they can be found today in many restaurants.

In the past, they were used as currency to get other products. As if they were gold!

From the Canary Islands, they were quickly distributed all over Europe.

It is worth reviewing the Canarian recipe book, since it has some suggestions to combine them with meat and fish, like the Canarian potato soup, the Canarian stuffed potatoes, the Ropa Vieja or the Sancocho.


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